Luxurious Waterproof
Organic Cotton Sheets
Nappy Leaks & spit up milk got you caught in an endless laundry cycle?

"These are honestly the best cot sheets ever. I have owned them for years, used them for both my children and they are still going strong!"


"Love these sheets! Utter brilliance having waterproof sheets that feel and look like regular sheets! I’m impressed."


"I just LOVE everything about these sheets; the patterns, the fabric and the packaging and not to mention the communication and postage 👌🏻! I will most definitely be making another purchase."


"They are genius and make like so much easier - definitely a life saver when those inevitable accidents happen."


"These sheets are beautiful quality. The concept of waterproof cot sheets has saved me so much sleep..... but more than one, stack them up.... if bub messes the top one, peel it off and go back to bed!!"


"I first purchased from little Human Linens nearly 3 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the sheets, they are amazing quality and actually work!!!

I was so excited when Kellee said she was opening her online store. These are the only sheets I will be buying. Thank you so much!"


Regular sheet outside
Superhero inside

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Babies are cute, but did you ever think your Little Human would create so much mess? 

Traditional sheets double your workload, every soiled sheet equals a dirty mattress protector too. That's double the washing, drying and folding each and every time. 


No joke! Forget spending nap times tackling the endless laundry pile.

We'll halve your washing workload so you can do more stuff you actually enjoy... like a warm cup of coffee or *gasp!* an uninterrupted shower.


Layer two (or more) waterproof sheets on the mattress for a lightning fast 3am sheet change and get back to bed sooner.

Hey, we know. Motherhood has plenty of challenges.

From which products to buy to which parenting style to adopt, the choices can be overwhelming.

That's why we put together this genius *did we mention FREE* mum-hacking guide – to help you save a little time and lot of effort when your Little Human arrives.

These 7 Expert Hacks for Expecting Mums are tried and tested hacks that we use here at the Little Human® Linens headquarters. We genuinely care about helping you find a little extra time in your day and helping you feel prepared for the arrival of your Little Human… and all the surprises they will bring.

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Waterpoof bedding for the Little Human® in your life. 

Made from the best materials, safe sleeping friendly and designed to make your life easier.