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Kellee Eriksson | Founder & CEO

At the helm of Little Human® Linens is Kellee Eriksson. Innovative thinker, self proclaimed Mexican food connoisseur and lover of long walks along the beach (Seriously though, who doesn't love walking along the beach?)

A problem solver by nature, the idea for Little Human Linens began while Kellee was setting up the nursery for her first baby. Frustrated with the selection of cot sheets available Kellee Identified a parenting conundrum that didn't add up...

How could it be that every time a sheet was soiled the mattress protector would need changing too. This meant double the items to purchase, double the washing and double the workload. After a decade working as an Emergency Nurse (and changing a just a few beds in this time), Kellee was convinced there had to be a better way.

In 2016 while waiting for her first baby to arrive, she created the first Little Human® Linens sheet in the spare bedroom with an old bed sheet and a second hand 80’s model sewing machine. From these humble beginnings, Little Human® Linens was born.

Four years, three children and a steep learning curve later; Kellee is the founder and CEO of Little Human® Linens. She lives in Newcastle, New South Wales with her husband Matt, and three chief product testers Edie, Thomas and Hamish.