Welcome, clever mum!

Let us introduce you to something special...

Little Human® Linens:

You know, For little things

Babies sure can make a lot of mess!

There are nappy leaks and milk spit ups - which only add to the enormous pile of washing!

Little Human® Linens are the answer to your early morning clean ups and your larger-than-life piles of washing.

We’ll halve your washing workload so you can do more stuff you actually enjoy... like a warm cup of coffee or *gasp!* an uninterrupted shower.

You'll find...
Little Human® Linens sheets:

• Lifesavers at laundry time

• Comfortable for your Little Human

• Modern and beautifully designed 

(You didn't hear it from us)
What mums say:

"Love, where have they been my whole motherhood?!!!! Not only do they WORK, it’s less washing for me! #mumwin”

– Katherine

But how?

Little Human® Linens are waterproof sheets that you can double-up on your Little Human's cot so when accidents happen, you just strip off the top sheet and put him back to bed. Our water-resistant layer is made from an ultra-soft, breathable PUL fabric which makes it superior to nasty plastic mattress protectors, which can make babies hot and uncomfortable.
New to the world of waterproof sheets?

Purchase any 3 sheets in the same size & save!

We've helped hundreds of Aussie mums save time in the middle of the night.

“They are genius and make life so much easier – definitely a life saver when those inevitable accidents happen.”

- Amanda

Still have questions?

We’ve got you covered.

Q: “Can’t I just use a mattress protector?”

A: LHL means you can double up your sheets and simply pull one off when it gets wet; leaving a clean and dry sheet underneath. Just pull off and go back to sleep. 

Q: “Is it hot for baby to sleep on? Is it just like plastic?”

A: Our water-resistant layer is made from an ultra-soft, breathable PUL fabric which makes it superior to nasty plastic mattress protectors which can make babies hot and uncomfortable. 

Q: “But they’re so much more expensive than regular sheets” 

A: Our sheets are extremely high quality and durable – many customers have them for a number of years before they start showing any signs of wear. 

Q: “Won’t they stain and I’ll need to replace anyway?”

A: Our sheets are made from an extremely high-quality organic cotton which will come up like new when washed.

Hey, we know. Motherhood has plenty of challenges.

From which products to buy to which parenting style to adopt, the choices can be overwhelming.

That's why we put together this genius *did we mention FREE* mum-hacking guide – to help you save a little time and lot of effort when your Little Human arrives.

These 7 Expert Hacks for Expecting Mums are tried and tested hacks that we use here at the Little Human® Linens headquarters. We genuinely care about helping you find a little extra time in your day and helping you feel prepared for the arrival of your Little Human… and all the surprises she’ll bring.