Across Waterproof Bassinet Sheet

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Designed to fit the smallest bassinets, Moses baskets & prams. They are rectangular in shape but easily form to a curved mattress, providing a safe & hygienic sleep surface.

Oh so chic, the classic black and white palette of our Little Human® Linens Across Waterproof Bassinet Sheet exudes luxe city hotel vibes, evoking memories of those cheeky champagne-filled getaways you used to enjoy pre-kids. 

While weekends away may be few and far between, the good news is you aren’t left with a suitcase full of washing—our waterproof bedding curbs that endless laundry cycle. 

Being up at 3am might not be the party it used to be, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. 

Hand-painted by Australian Artist Cass Deller.

81 x 41 x 10cm

Still have questions? We've got you covered.

Q: “Can’t I just use a mattress protector?”

A: LHL means you can double up your sheets and simply pull one off when it gets wet; leaving a clean and dry sheet underneath. Just pull off and go back to sleep. 

Q: “Is it hot for baby to sleep on? Is it just like plastic?”

A: Our water-resistant layer is made from an ultra-soft, breathable PUL fabric which makes it superior to nasty plastic mattress protectors which can make babies hot and uncomfortable. 

Q: “But they’re so much more expensive than regular sheets” 

A: Our sheets are extremely high quality and durable – many customers have them for a number of years before they start showing any signs of wear. 

Q: “Won’t they stain and I’ll need to replace anyway?”

A: Our sheets are made from an extremely high-quality organic cotton which will come up like new when washed.

Need help with sizing?

Our Cot sheets fit standard Australian/US Cot Mattresses.

We have two sizes of Bassinet Sheets - If you have a co-sleeper or larger bassinet you will need to size up to our Change Pad / Euro Bassinet Size.

Confused? Let us help!

Use our sheet size tool and find your perfect fit.