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Across Waterproof Cot Sheet

Size Guide
Size Information

Sizing can be a bit confusing when it comes to buying sheets for bassinets, co-sleepers & cots.

Read on for more info, or check out our Sizing Tool  to find your perfect sheet in less than 30 seconds. 


Our sheets are made to fit standard Australian & US cots mattresses

In Australia a standard cot mattress is 130 x 70cm and most cot manufacturers adhere to the agreed standard within 1-2cm variance.

However some brands make their cots significantly larger than standard sizing, so please check the Product Safety Sticker on your cot to find the correct mattress size.

  • Our sheet dimensions are: 132 x 71 x 20cm (52 x 28 x 7")
  • Fits standard rectangular Australian and US cots/cribs with mattresses up to 12cm thick.
  • For best fit, sheet should fit firmly ie no excess fabric on any dimension.
  • Our sheets do not fit old generation Boori Large Cots (133 x 77cm - this size cot is no longer manufactured by Boori)
  • They do fit the New Generation standard Boori Cots (current range) - again check the product safety sticker on the cot for mattress sizing.

      Change Table / Euro Bassinet

      We think that that bed linen should be beautiful and practical. Our change pad / euro bassinet sheet is dual purpose to fit larger co-sleep style bassinets and also used as a change pad cover too!

      • Sheet dimensions: 85 x 51 x 17cm (33.5 x 20 x 6.6")
      • It is sized slightly larger than our smallest bassinet sheet below.
      • Has deeper sides to fit most change pads and many of the European sized & co-sleeper bassinets.
      • For best fit, tuck any excess firmly under mattress to ensure a smooth flat sleep surface. 


      Our bassinet sheet is the smallest sheet we make and perfect for traditional bassinets, moses baskets, Snoo bassinet and pram bassinet mattresses up to 5cm in thickness.

      • Sheet dimensions: 81 x 41 x 10cm (32 x 16 x 4")
      • Rectangular in shape
      • The smallest sheet in our range
      • For best fit, tuck any excess firmly under mattress to ensure a smooth flat sleep surface. 

        There is no agreed standard sizing between manufacturers when is comes to bassinets and co-sleepers. 
        We encourage you to double check your mattress by measuring the dimensions before choosing between our two size options. 
        Manufacturers will often quote the dimensions of the entire bassinet (ie frame included) on websites and packaging so it is best to measure to be 100% accurate. Alternatively feel free to contact us and we can help you pick the best size!



        • Dimensions: 120 x 118cm
        • Made from bamboo or bamboo/cotton double layer muslin
        • Printed with eco friendly dyes
        • Bamboo is sustainable fabric choice that is naturally antibacterial, soft as silk and thermoregulating, making it the perfect choice to wrap your baby.

        Oh so chic, the classic black and white palette of our Little Human® Linens Across Waterproof Cot Sheet exudes luxe city hotel vibes, evoking memories of those cheeky champagne-filled getaways you used to enjoy pre-kids. 

        While weekends away may be few and far between, the good news is you aren’t left with a suitcase full of washing—our waterproof bedding curbs that endless laundry cycle. 

        Being up at 3am might not be the party it used to be, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. 

        Hand-painted by Australian Artist Cass Deller.

        Dimensions: 132 x 71 x 20cm

        Fits standard AU/US Cots



        Need help with Sizing?

        Our Cot sheets fit standard Australian/US Cot Mattresses.

        We have two sizes of Bassinet Sheets - If you have a co-sleeper or larger bassinet you will need to size up to our Change Pad / Euro Bassinet Size.

        Confused? Take our sheet size checker and find your perfect fit.

        "Absolutely love these sheets!

        Tested them out properly in the middle of the night last night...

        We had a massive milk vomit and just had to whip the sheet off and put another one down. Bub was ready to be back in her bed in two minutes!! "

        - LISA

        Still have questions?

        We've got you covered

        Q: “Can’t I just use a mattress protector?”

        A: LHL means you can double up your sheets and simply pull one off when it gets wet; leaving a clean and dry sheet underneath. Just pull off and go back to sleep. 

        Q: “Is it hot for baby to sleep on? Is it just like plastic?”

        A: Our water-resistant layer is made from an ultra-soft, breathable PUL fabric which makes it superior to nasty plastic mattress protectors which can make babies hot and uncomfortable. 

        Q: “But they’re so much more expensive than regular sheets” 

        A: Our sheets are extremely high quality and durable – many customers have them for a number of years before they start showing any signs of wear. 

        Q: “Won’t they stain and I’ll need to replace anyway?”

        A:Our sheets are made from an extremely high-quality organic cotton which will come up like new when washed.

        Please note: While every care is taken to produce product images that reflect true colour, due to variations in monitors and screens actual colours may vary slightly


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