Pssst! Here’s The Best Parenting Hack Of All Time - Little Human Linens

Pssst! Here’s The Best Parenting Hack Of All Time

We designed our sheets for Mum's.

When we set out to design and make our waterproof sheets, we had one person in mind. You. The sleep-deprived parent at 3 am with one eye open and the other dreaming of more than two hours of uninterrupted shuteye.

You, tiptoeing backwards like a ninja edging closer to the door, praying your creaky joints (who knew this happened in your 30s?), won't wake your finally settled baby when you hear it. That familiar sicky burp hitting the mattress. BLEEP!

This, my friend, is where our magic sheets come in and save the day–and night. We recommend layering two of your Little Human® Linens waterproof sheets over each other on the mattress. So that when the inevitable happens, you don't have to search the drawer for clean sheets, get bub out, strip and remake the cot. 

Instead, you can scoop your sleepy baby up with one arm and whip off the soiled top sheet to reveal a fresh, clean one underneath. Ta Daa! Pop the baby back down, and your head will be hitting your pillow in no time. 

Because they’re made to be thrown in with the rest of your laundry, there’s no extra washing required either–too easy.


Don't just take our word for it check out reviews below!

What are you waiting for? Double up on your waterproof sheets today and start making those middle of the night sheet changes a breeze.


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