Helping sleep-deprived Parents one sheet at a time

No one enjoys doing laundry.

Guess what else?

No one tells you that becoming a parent means you might end up washing your #littlehuman’s bedding more in one week than you’ve washed your own in a lifetime - sometimes it totally feels this way!

That's why Little Human Linens exists.

We gave traditional bedding a glow up and created and all in one waterproof sheets fitted sheets for babies & toddlers to make the lives of parents easier.

Intelligently designed and created with care.

We only use the best materials and quality craftsmanship that stands the test of family life.

Our Waterproof Cot Sheets, Mini Cot Sheets, Change Pad / Euro Bassinets & Bassinet Sheets last your entire parenting journey, whether you have one baby, two or many more.

And when you are ready to make the transition to a big bed, we've got you covered with our range of Kids Sheets too.

Meet the Founder

Kellee Eriksson

Little Human® Linens was founded in by Kellee Eriksson
The business was born in 2015 while waiting for the birth of her first child. 

Saving parents from double trouble...

One sheet change at a time.

Setting up the nursery as a first-time mum, she realised that the mattress protector also needed changing every time a cot sheet was soiled.

It meant double the items to purchase, double the washing and double the workload... Urgh.

As an Emergency Nurse used to solving problems, she started developing and making the prototype of the now market-leading all-in-one waterproof mattress protector and fitted sheet. 

Less of boring stuff...

A little more 'me' time

Now a Mum of four (read: chief product testers), Kellee has experienced the highs and lows of motherhood.

Every minute of a parents’ day is precious, so any opportunity to avoid time spent on monotonous tasks like laundry is worth its weight in gold and contributes to making you happier and less stressed. 

Sharing experiences over advice.

Fast forward to today, and she’s built a community of Little Human® Linens Mums who feel seen and heard without judgement.

It’s a brand that tells it like it is, shares experiences over advice and gives parents a smart option among a sea of solutions.

Want to know more?

Find out more about our waterproof bedding and how we make these sanity saving sheets.

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