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Cot & Bassinet Sheet Sizing in Australia

How to find the perfect size sheet for your cot, bassinet or co-sleeper

Picking the right sheet for your little one's cot can be confusing and time-consuming. One Google search and you’re down an endless rabbit hole of measurements, safe sleeping tips and mum forums. 

We’re here to help reduce the overwhelm. Whether you’ve already got the perfect cot, bassinet or co-sleeper and need to find sheets to finish it off, or you’re sussing out options for the nursery but are worried you won’t find sheets to fit, keep reading.

Discover Your Sheet Size

A proper fitting sheet is essential for safe sleeping

Safe sleeping guidelines from  Red Nose Australia recommend no soft bedding in a baby’s sleep environment. This includes pillows, doonas, loose sheets or fabric, lambswool, bumpers or soft toys. 

If a fitted sheet is too big or small, it can bunch on the surface or sides ride up as baby sleeps, increasing the risk of it covering their head or face. Baby’s sleep surface should be flat and firm, so you must firmly tuck any excess fabric from a fitted sheet under the mattress.

Why it's difficult to know which size sheet to buy

Nine out of ten questions we get asked at Little Human® Linens are about sheet sizing. So if you’re struggling too, you aren’t alone! Most Australian and US cot manufacturers adhere to an agreed standard size (give or take 1-2 cms), but a few brands make their cots significantly larger than standard sizing. For safety, cots must meet the Australian standard AS/NZS 2172:2003, and there is also a voluntary Australian standard, AS/NZS 8811.1:2013, for cot mattresses firmness.  

There is no agreed standard sizing or safety standards for bassinets, moses baskets, pram mattresses or co-sleepers, so sizes differ between brands. They can vary in shape too. Thankfully, the elastic in our sheets are sewn to suit both rectangular and oval mattresses. Then you have 50+ brands and 250+ models available—it’s no surprise it’s tricky to know which size sheet to buy. 

Find the perfect sheet size in under a minute

Whether you’re a parent-to-be, new-parent or onto your 3rd baby, you’ve got enough on your plate. So we’ve made it quick and easy for you to find the right size sheet in less time than it takes to fold a pile of laundry.

We’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled the manufacturer's measurements of over 150 different cot, bassinet and co-sleepers to create our one-minute sheet sizing checker that helps you find the perfect sheet size in just a few clicks. 

Goodbye tape measure, hello buying your sheets with confidence. 


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