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What to do with your old sheets?

A little while back a curly question landed in our inbox here at Little Human® Linens…

“Hey Kellee, I’m curious what I do with my sheets once I’m finished using them? Any suggestions?”

A couple of days, a few late night DM’s and a whole lot of brainstorming later, we had an answer.

Today we launched the Little Human® Linens Loopback Program, where we ask you, our customers to dig into the back of your linen cupboard, find those LHL sheets that are no longer being used and send them back to us.

Why, you ask? Well, not only will you be doing your part for the environment by helping to reduce waste, but it allows us to give your sheets another life with a family in need.

We are incredibly proud to have partnered with We Care Connect, a local community program serving the Central Coast & Hunter Regions by collecting, repurposing, and distributing clothing and supplies to children with what they need to be safe, warm & cared for.

By donating pre-loved waterproof sheets to our program, you can help us repurpose them and give them to families who could use a little extra love and support.

Just reach out to us and we’ll walk you through the super easy process to donate.

And if you're worried about parting with your beloved Little Human Linens waterproof sheets, don't be! We promise to take good care of them, and we'll make sure they go to a family who will appreciate them just as much as you did.


*Families like this….

Young mum-to-be. Seven months pregnant and no family to support her, filling the nursery feels like a distant dream.

Mum and four kids. Have come from interstate escaping domestic violence, leaving all their belongings behind. Living in a small room in a hostel, they now have to rebuild their lives from scratch.

Pensioner Grandparents. Unexpectedly caring for traumatised grandchildren. With no car seats, they cannot even leave the house.

Family living below the poverty line. With a severe illness, dad is unable to work, and mum is taking care of their young children. The family cannot afford critical school items, and this is impacting on the children’s education. The eldest child is starting to avoid school so his friends and teachers won’t notice his struggle.

Emergency Foster Carer. A newborn baby is needing urgent care. The foster parents desperately need baby items – a cot, change table and linen.


So what do you say? Are you ready to donate your pre-loved waterproof sheets and help us make a positive impact? We hope so!

Reach out to us, send them our way, and we'll take care of the rest.

Thanks for being a part of the Little Human Linens community, and for helping us make a difference in the world, one sheet at a time.

*stories taken from We Care Connect

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