Safe Sleeping

Sleep your baby on their back: not on their tummy or side.
Keep your baby’s head and face uncovered: Covering baby’s face or head with clothing such as a hat increases the risk of sudden infant death
Keep your baby smoke free before and after birth: Help to quit smoking is available from your doctor, midwife or by contacting Quitline
Have a safe sleeping environment night and day: Make sure the mattress is firm, clean and flat, in a safe cot that meets industry standards. Make sure there are no blankets, toys, pillows, or bumpers in the cot.
Sleep your baby in your room: The safest place to sleep your baby for the first 12 months is in a safe cot next to your bed.
Breastfeed your baby where possible.

For more details on how to keep your Little Human® safe, please head over to Red Nose. They have an extensive range of resources available on a variety of topics and are all backed by the most up to date scientific research.