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We make the best parenting hack of all time

Our Little Human® Linens waterproof fitted bed sheets are pure magic. 

What is a waterproof sheet?

Pssst! Here’s the secret 

We recommend layering two of your Little Human® Linens waterproof sheets over each other on the mattress.

Then in the middle of the night, you can scoop your sleepy baby out of bed with one arm and whip off the soiled top sheet to reveal a fresh, clean one underneath. Ta Daa! Pop baby back down, and you’re tiptoeing off to bed in no time.

Say goodbye to traditional mattress protectors and hello to less washing. Half the items to wash, dry and fold away, and no special care is required. Just throw them in with your regular washing up to 60 degrees.

High-tech and safe for baby

They are sewn with a discreet lining of super-soft polyurethane laminate fabric (PUL)—a high-tech man-made waterproof film used in various baby and medical products.

The result? An all-in-one waterproof fitted sheet that looks and feels just like a regular sheet but makes the washing from those overnight nappy leaks, reflux or bout of gastro so much easier. 

What makes us better?

Little Human Linens

Waterproof Imitators

Traditional Sheets

Original Unique Design

Time Saving

Designed by a Mum, for Mums

Safe Sleep Friendly

Hot wash up to 60 degrees

Tumble Dry On Gentle

Quality Made

How they work...

We care about our impact on the planet

While we don't claim to be perfect, we do strive to minimise our environmental impact, choosing eco-friendly and sustainable practices wherever possible.

We’re always reviewing our production processes and looking for ways to reduce our footprint on this planet.

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