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Our Story

Little Human® Linens is a forward thinking, Aussie owned company changing the bed linen game for parents. 

At Little Human® Linens we believe in intelligent design that fuses contemporary style and quality craftsmanship, with the practicality of family life. Anything that helps reduce parental workload is a total winner in our books. So we designed our cot sheets to give you back some of that precious time, one waterproof sheet at a time. 

Our sheets are created with care using the best materials so that they last a lifetime, rather than a fashion season.

We steer clear of the traditional baby prints, instead opting for modern designs that echo your sense of style as a parent.

We take our impact on on the planet quite seriously. While we don't claim to be perfect, we certainly strive to minimise our environmental impact and we choose eco friendly and sustainable practices wherever possible. Our products are designed to reduce washing and last a lifetime, thereby reducing energy consumption and landfill. We use GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes;  digitally print our fabrics to reduce environmental waste; and choose plastic free packaging when possible.

We continually review our production processes, always looking for ways to improve our practices and reduce our footprint on this planet.

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