What is a waterproof sheet?

We make fitted cot sheets featuring a hidden waterproof layer in the reverse side. This means that you have an all-in-one waterproof fitted sheet, rather than a traditional separate mattress protector and fitted cot sheet. 

Waterproof? They must feel like plastic...

Nope! Forget about any thoughts of a crunchy hospital mattress or plastic PVC layers. We have worked really hard to source the absolute best materials to create a product that looks and feels just like a regular fitted sheet when on your cot mattress. No crunching, we promise!

The waterproof membrane is super thin, flexible and pretty much invisible when on your mattress. 

Thin? Soft? Don't believe us? 

The waterproof film we use is 0.02mm (less than half the width of the average human hair) which is bonded to a fabric layer. It also happens to be slightly flexible, so unlike crinkly cellophane, it moves with the fabric and feels soft to touch. 

And it's waterproof... How exactly did we manage that?

It's hard to believe isn't it? Textile manufacturing has come a long was since we were kids. Thankfully there are clever people who paid attention in chemistry class!

Today there is a wonderful product called Polyurethane Laminate or PUL for short (a high-tech man made film that is bonded to fabric, making the piece of fabric waterproof). It is the same technology that is used in modern cloth nappies.

Our sheets can easily absorb up to 100mL of fluid, more than enough to cope with nappy leaks and milk spills. 

How can it be breathable if it's waterproof?

Polyurethane laminate film is permeable to air. This means that it allows the flow of air molecules to pass through it's microscopic holes. However, larger molecules like water are too big to pass through and so the film is waterproof. 

Are they safe for babies?

They certainly are, PUL is used in modern cloth nappies and medical grade textiles and dressings. It is totally stable and safe for use in babies and children's products. It contains no BPA's or other nasties.

What type of fabric do we use?

We use 300 thread count, GOTS certified organic cotton fabric sheeting. We also use GOTS certified eco friendly dyes and digitally print our fabric, a significantly more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional print methods.

The waterproof component is polyurethane laminated fabric sewn into the reverse side of the sheet.

Why don't we just laminate the fancy film to the sheet rather than having it sewn into the reverse side?

Great question. We spent three years developing our product with loads of different prototypes. The two layer system ended up being the softest and most durable design, so we stuck with that. 

What makes our sheets better?

Aside from our gorgeous designs, super soft fabric and quality composition, we use the best PUL on the market. Our sheets require no special treatment and can be washed with regular laundry.

The fine print on other brands of waterproof sheets will tell you to wash on cold, no tumble drying, no exposure to UV light etc... When low grade PUL is exposed to these conditions it will literally fall apart or become hard. Kind of impractical huh? Thankfully our sheets easily handle a regular laundering process.

We also follow the bedding recommendations provided by Red Nose which includes sleeping babies on a firm mattress, with no extra layers of padding added to the sheet that might interfere with the firmness of the surface. 

You can find safe mattress advice here using the Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 Sleep surfaces – test for firmness.

Even if you don't buy our sheets, we recommend checking this out, as it is a voluntary standard and you might be surprised to learn that many mattresses actually don't meet the recommendation.

What if you don't like them?

No hard feelings at all. You can send them back to us! See our returns page for all the details.

How do you look after your Little Human® Linens sheet?

Check out our Care Instructions page or the care label on the inside of your sheet. 

How many do you need?

We recommend a minimum of 2 sheets, but three is best. Two sheets on the bed, one in the wash or cupboard. 

Pro tip: We like to layer one sheet over the other for a super speedy sheet change in the middle of the night, hence the two sheets on the bed at once. 

What size are they?  

All sheets will fit a standard Australian and US sized mattress and measure 132 x 71 x 20cm (approximately 52"x 28"x 9").

Do we make other sizes?

We have some exciting plans for 2020. A single sheet design is due mid year with other sizes to follow. Keep an eye out on our socials and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when thy arrive!

Why don't we make matching flat sheets?

We acknowledge appropriate use of flats sheets is safe, however as strong advocates for safe sleeping we simply prefer to use sleeping bags or swaddles in the appropriate weight for the climate.

I read a blog post saying I should ditch my waterproof mattress protector because it was unsafe. Is this true?

Not unless your planning on switching to our sheets!

To answer your question, waterproof mattress protectors are completely safe. In Australia the absolute authority on safe sleeping are the wonderful people at Red Nose. There is absolutely no evidence that waterproof mattress protectors (that meet safe sleeping guidelines) contribute to sudden infant death syndrome.

A tight fitting waterproof mattress protector prevents soiling of the mattress and a clean, hygienic mattress is one of the safe sleeping recommendations.

The waterproof barrier in our sheet is also impermeable to dust mites, so it's an added bonus for those concerned about allergies. 

We believe in only creating products that comply with safe sleeping practices. We've made it our mission to stay at the forefront of the latest guidelines.


We encourage you to head on over to the Red Nose Australia website to check out their safe sleeping resources and most up to date information on safe sleeping before deciding which products to buy for your Little Human®.