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What we do...

We make waterproof fitted bed sheets for the Little Human® in your life.

As far as parenting hacks go, we think it's a total winner.

Underneath the sheet is where the magic happens. We discreetly sew a lining of super soft polyurethane laminate fabric (PUL), a high-tech man made waterproof film that is used in a wide variety of baby and medical products.

The result? An all-in-one waterproof fitted sheet made from the best materials, that looks and feels just like a regular sheet.

Overnight nappy leakage, reflux or gastro illness create huge amounts of extra washing and regular bedding just doesn't stand up to the demands of family life.

It's 3am, you have just finished feeding and burping your Little Human®. Your eyes are heavy and you can hear bed calling your name.

Just as you gently place your little one back in their cot and begin to tiptoe out of their room, up comes some milk. You honestly wonder if there is anything left in their stomach sometimes! In that moment you can feel your bed slipping away.

You genuinely contemplate just wiping it up, but the bed is wet. You consider popping a towel under their head, but know this isn't 'safe sleeping'.

Instead, with heavy eyelids, you remove the soiled sheet and mattress protector, then remake the whole cot again. In the mean time your Little Human® is now wide awake and ready to party.

Now picture the same scenario... Except this time you have layered two of your Little Human® Linens waterproof sheets over each other on the mattress, ready for moments just like this.

With one arm you scoop your sleepy baby out of bed, and with the other you make that dirty fitted sheet disappear like a magician to reveal a fresh, clean sheet underneath.

Less than a minute later you sneak out of the room, as you hear those sweet baby snores rising from the cot. Then you give yourself a high five, because you are awesome.

Say goodbye to traditional mattress protectors and hello to less washing. Half the items to wash, dry and fold away.

See? Kind to you and the environment!

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