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All-in-one Waterproof Change Pad / Euro Bassinet Fitted Sheet.
Minimise night time disruptions & reduce washing workload
Luxuriously soft to touch - made from high thread count organic cotton
Breathable waterproof membrane keeps your Little Human® cool & mattress clean & dry
Fits most larger bassinets, co-sleepers & change pads. If you have a small bassinet consider sizing down.


Warm, earthy and maybe just a hint of a Tuscan sunset comes to mind with our Little Human® Linens Terracotta Waterproof Bassinet Sheet. Pair it beautifully with neutrals for a cozy feel or be bold and colour clash for a vibrant atmosphere.

FYI: Terracotta and Chai Leaves or Autumn Bunch are a match made in heaved!

Our Change Pad / Euro Bassinet Sheets are multipurpose and fit a wide range of change pads as well as larger bassinets and co-sleepers.


100% Organic Cotton Upper:

We source organic cotton and digitally print (more sustainable than traditional print methods) or dye, using eco friendly dyes.

Polyurethane Laminate Lining:

The waterproof membrane is made from PUL, a high tech man made film that is used in standalone waterproof mattress protectors, modern cloth nappies and medical dressings. The membrane is super soft and thinner than a human hair.

💦 PUL is totally different to PVC plastic. It has microscopic holes that allows air to travel back and forth while trapping water molecules on the surface.

✔︎ All our products are free from BPA's & phthalates.

Dimensions: 85 x 51 x 17cm (33.5 x 20 x 6.6")

Sheets are rectangular in shape, but can be used on oval/curved mattresses with the same length & width measurements.

Confused with sizing? Check out our sIzing tool and we can tell you which of our sheets is your best fit.

Or read our size guide for more info.

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Little Human® Linens sheets are designed to make your life easier. They can be washed with your regular laundry keeping the following instructions in mind:

• Wash prior to use with similar colours

• Machine wash below 60˚C /140˚F

• Line dry in shade or tumble dry on low heat

• Do not iron, dry-clean, bleach or soak

• Do not pierce fabric

Check out our care instructions for more info.

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Still have questions? We've got you covered.

Q "Why do I need a waterproof sheet?"

A: A clean, hygenic sleep surface is essential to creating a safe sleeping environment. Without a waterproof barrier, leaks from spit up milk soak into the mattress surface creating a perfect environment for mould to grow.

Q “Can’t I just use a regular mattress protector?”

A: Of course your can. You'll also need a couple of regular fitted sheets... and a couple of spare mattress protectors - in case the one your using becomes soiled.

Alternatively you could save some yourself time, money and cupboard space and use our all in one waterproof sheet.

If you double them up using our Mum Hack, you simply remove the soiled top layer; leaving a clean and dry sheet underneath.

Q: “Are they safe?"

A: Yes they are. In fact, safe sleeping authorities in Australia (Red Nose) & the UK (The Lullaby Trust) support/recommend the use of a tight fitting waterproof mattress protector.

Our sheets have no additional padding, so the mattress surface remains firm and flat as recommended.

Q: “Is it hot for baby to sleep on? Is it just like plastic?”

A: Our water-resistant layer is made from an ultra-soft, breathable PUL fabric which makes it superior to nasty plastic mattress protectors which can make babies hot and uncomfortable. 

Q: “If I use a Little Human Linens sheet, do I still need a mattress protector?"

A: Nope! Our sheets are all you need to keep you mattress clean and dry!

Q: “Do they need special care?”

A: Absolutely not. We designed our sheets to make your life easier. You can wash them at 60 degrees and throw them in the dryer on a gentle setting when needed.

We guarantee that our sheets will outlast your parenting journey - whether you have one child or a whole tribe.